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Our Services

Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation

We plant trees through our clothing line, Wild Apparel.


With every purchase from Wild Apparel, we plant one tree through our partners at One Tree Planted and The Last Of The Wild Places.

We have planted over 500 trees in the first 6 months of launching Wild Apparel. 

We rotate where we plant trees from Australia, The Amazon Rainforest & Indonesia!

Young plant of forest tree

The Wild Clean-Up Crew

Every month we conduct volunteer based nature clean ups on Sydneys Northern Beaches. We also encourage people from across the globe to also host their own WILD clean ups! 

We have a public Facebook group that anyone can join and host their own WILD clean ups!

We record all data and input it through the Australian Marine Debris as-well as recycling through return & earn.

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Educational Programs

Our most popular service through WILD is our highly-sought after 8 week educational program! This program is suitable for primary school teachers to use when teaching sustainability in Geography classes. 

The 8 week program is most suitable for Stage 3, but can be adapted for younger years. 

Included in the course is 8 weeks worth of ready-made lesson plans, activities, videos, quizzes and challenges! 

All content is inline with the Geography Curriculum, it has been designed to not add to teachers work load! 

Students will learn a basic understanding for sustainability and how they interact with the natural world.

We will also be offering a half-day incursion for primary school students to learn how to be a 'Wild Warrior'! 

COMING SOON - Contact for early bird pricing! 

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Kids Gardening

Wildlife Documentaries & Film Course

We believe in a holistic approach to education and the use of emotive and informative documentaries is one way we do this!

Both of our films are included in our 8 week program for students along with impact activities.

You can view our film Keepers Of The Forest through DocPlay !

All profits go back into Wild Education to help us continue to produce and develop more environmental films.

Do you want to learn how to make a wildlife documentary? Are you a beginner wanting to learn the basics of how to make a film? Our 3 week course may be perfect for you! 

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Photographing Nature

Mini Grants 


We will be offering five mini grants starting from 2022!

Three of those grants are available for schools who have had WILD come and conduct our half day incursion OR who have completed our online 8 week course within the last 12 months. Schools must use the grant for a specific eco-goal, for example; this could be a vegetable garden & compost system for the school, money towards a new recycling scheme or other. 

The remaining 2 grants are open to the public! We will accept applicants who have a strong environmental focus on any certain project. We encourage individuals, small businesses and NGO groups to apply first. Every winner of the grant must provide an impact report after the first 6 months of their project commencing and explain how their grant money has helped them.

Gardening Lesson

Internships for students 


We will be offering limited internships every year for students in a related field looking for work experience. We encourage those doing a science degree or educational degree to apply first. Internships are also open to the public who are not in university but have a vested interest in conservation and may be wishing to change careers etc. 

You will be asked to do a range of different tasks that will include research, program writing, content creation, potential field work and strategic project planning. 

If you're unsure if the internship is right for you, please apply regardless as we are open to a wide range of applicants! 

Pensive Freelancer


A part from our Wild Clean-Up Crew, we do have some volunteer positions available at different times of the year for people who are interested!

Some of these roles may include:

Project and Event volunteering

Eco-Tourism volunteering

Wild Apparel Ambassador

Beach Cleaning