Wild Eco Tours


This WILD eight day Sumatra Leuser Ecosystem tour is the complete adventure package. You will join Wild's founder Roxy Rogan and be taken into the one million-hectare Leuser area on the island of Sumatra. Home to 80% of Sumatran orangutans, the Gunung Leuser National Park is also home to an enormous population of other wildlife including the Thomas leaf monkey, pigtail macaque, longtail macaque, gibbons, lizards, turtles, hornbills and more.

The Last Place on Earth

At around 2.63 million hectares, the Leuser Ecosystem really is a world unto itself; a rich expanse of original tropical lowland rainforests, cloud-covered mountains and swampy peatlands. It is among the most biodiverse ecosystems ever recorded by science, and it is the last place on earth where Sumatran orangutans, elephants, tigers and rhinos still freely roam.


  • View wild orangutans in their natural setting

  • Trek through beautiful primary forest and see Thomas leaf monkeys, pigtail and long tail macaque, monitor lizards, gibbons, wild peacocks and more

  • Camp in the jungle by a crystal clear jungle river

  • Trek to the summit of an active volcano (Sibayak) near the temperate zone town of Berestagi

  • Be escorted by the amazing Roxy Rogan

  • Part of your expedition cost is directly donated to save these wonderful creatures and regenerate the forest